Change your vehicle from glossy to the stealthy matte/satin finish while keeping your vehicle looking new for up to 10 years with Llumar Matte Paint Protection Film.

Llumar Matte is a self-healing film applied to the painted surfaces of your vehicle to help prevent unsightly chips and scratches, while giving it a menacing yet refined custom “frozen” look.

This premium film we use is backed by a 10 year warranty against fading, yellowing, cracking and delaminating.

See Below for illustrations of typical coverage packages.  We can cover as little or as much as you’d like.  Full car coverage starts at $6500+

Full vehicle coverage. $6500+

Xpel paint protection film full vehicle package

Full Car Coverage

Since Matte PPF is such a different look from gloss, it is traditionally used to cover the entire painted surface of the vehicle.


When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.

Sleek Finish

With an unique satin finish, matte ppf helps match most factory flat paint jobs and virtually disappears on most surfaces. With a finish that’s uniformly smooth, you can add also add it to your matte or gloss paint job for a unique satin finish.

Easy Maintenance

Flat finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair. llumar matte enables you to easily wash and dry your car without damaging its sheen.